Rose - Love Story premiered at BFI London Film Festival in October 2020.

A few reviews:
Hollywood News
 - Rose captures the Welsh countryside beautifully, with sweeping shots of trees, highlighting the foreboding surroundings in which Sam and Rose live. These shots are especially stunning when shot at dusk, adding an almost otherworldly edge to the visuals.(...) Rose: A Love Story is almost certainly the best thing to happen to vampire movies in decades.

The Digital FixRose is, in fact, quite a tragic look at ultimate and extreme devotion. It’s unsettling when the horror elements are introduced to its narrative and the gorgeous visuals, captured perfectly by Martyna Knitter, support Stokoe’s script.

The Film Magazine The film is visually stunning too, thanks in no small part to the picturesque backdrop of the English mountainside. In the indoor scenes, a darkness swallows each frame, which helps to emphasise Rose’s condition as well as illustrate just how stripped back their way of life is.

Flickering MythIt’s also shot with considerable, lean skill by Sheridan and her DP Martyna Knitter, making solid use of the bleak, wintry visuals to generate a stark – if not particularly unique – atmosphere.

The Art Desk Sheridan has crafted a beautiful, magical-looking indie horror, full of equal measures of love and blood. 

Cine chat UK - Jennifer Sheridan’s feature directorial debut has a wonderfully claustrophobic feel to it, perfectly capturing feelings of isolation, set against the beautiful backdrop of a Welsh forest during Winter.

The latest feature film I shot as a dop directed by Jennifer Sheridan for Mini Productions, written and starring Matt Stokoe (best known for his role as ‘Alex’ in E4’s BAFTA-winning drama Misfits as well as Jamestown (Sky1), The VillageThe Musketeers (BBC), Sense8 and Outlaw King).
Playing opposite Matt in the role of Rose is Sophie Rundle, a British actress best known for her role as Ada Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Alongside Peaky Blinders she is known for her roles in Sky’s Jamestown, Sally Wainwright’s Happy ValleyAn Inspector CallsBrief EncountersEpisodesThe Bletchley Circle and Dickensian.

Rose is the story of a young couple living alone in the woods, who must contend with a life-altering illness that manifests itself in a violent and terrifying way. Rose’s disease is a vampiric, parasitic thirst for blood. As her hunger grows, all humanity seems to give way to a feral violence that harms both her and those around her.  Their loving relationship strains under the burden of Rose’s illness, and it is only a matter of time until the secluded life that they have built is upended entirely.