Embers - Feature film


Cooke is showing us how tough a process this is going to be, so when progress begins, that camera moves in that bit closer. This builds magnificently well the feeling of intimacy, not only sexually but in an emotional one as well. We even get glimpses of this outside of Amy and Dan. Amy and Helen’s relationship frays under the pressure of what they are to accomplish. There is a distance, sometimes physical, thanks to the use of open doors with characters in different rooms.

Premiering at Raindance 2023 in the main feature competition. Feature film, single camera Alexa mini, ZEISS Super Speeds. 

Shooting Embers was an amazing process. We worked with Ruth Bradley who just gave birth, and me and Christian had to work out how we will shoot the intimate scenes in the safest and most secure environment. We worked very closely with incredible intimacy coordinator, Imogen Knight, who also helped actors by choreographing through dance and movement workshops the intimate moments. 

We designed 360 sets and made sure we can change an adjust lighting seamlessly between days and nights, with brilliant rigs, on a relatively small budget. The ascetic prison location lent itself to changing through use of lighting which works a portrayal of actors' emotions. 

Director: Christian Cooke
Starring: Ruth Bradley and Christian Cooke
Prod: Mini Productions, Sara Huxley and April Kelly