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Being a cinematographer for me is to explore storytelling and people's views through a lens. My music videos and commercials were shot all over the world - and I always try to capture the spirit of locations, and operate fluently on the Ronin.

I love socially engaged feature films, tv dramas and documentaries, nature and stories which make the world feel more connected.

My 5th feature film "Rose" (dir. by Jennifer Sheridan) premiered at BFI London Film Festival October 2020 and was nominated for best debut BIFA awards.

Recently finished "Embers" staring and directing Christian Cooke, alongside Ruth Bradley - an intimate story about intimacy and justice system, premiering at Raindance at main feature competition.

"A Kind Of Spark" - show about neurodiverse teenagers who struggle with fitting in, till they discover the XVI-th century unusual story of their town... Navigating between modern days and period sets, we follow our neurodiverse cast, 2 camera show - Emmy for Children's awards nominated, and Rose D'or.

"Silverpoint" - 2 camera show I recently DOP'd, block 1 I shot with Dan Zeff and 2 with Marek Losey is currently on CBBC and BBC Iplayer in UK, and airing on Hulu, ZDF, and international channels from June 2022.

Originally Polish, after finishing cinematography studies in UK Bournemouth Arts, I am based in London. Personal philosophy: love&kindness, skateboard+care about the planet. Influenced by the greatest: Jean Yves Escoffier, Harry Savides, manoeuvring between Beastie Boys, The Mezingers, Chet Baker and Bob Dylan, literature lover, poet, stamp collector and a big fan of Mitchie Brusco on a vert and Sherlock Holmes, in my free time i study Carlo Rovelli and Neal Stephenson, big fan of Transformers, Gus Van Sant, Harmony Korine and Neil Gaiman, Jack Cardiff and fan of Bruce Davidson. In free time I mostly shoot art skate films on my hi8, walk around with RB67, paint walls and travel around.