Martyna Knitter Cinematographer

A Kind Of Spark - 9 episode television series. Main series DOP all episodes. Alexa LF and Blackwings Tribe 7 T-tuned. 

A Kind of Spark is a new 10-part CBBC show focussing on autistic women and girls.

The story cuts in between XVI century period drama and modern England. 

Directed by Marek Losey and Matt Hold, working on this show was inspiring. We have tried to build atmosphere of trust and understanding, and as a HOD I enjoyed every moment of working with the team to create the world of "AKOS". 

The Guardian :  "Groundbreaking kids’ series A Kind of Spark is staffed by neurodivergent talent and treats its lead character like almost no other on TV. It’s cool, fun and powerful" 
"A Kind of Spark invites the viewer, through a mix of brilliant cinematography and sound, to see the world through Addie’s lens. The layers to it make the series something that can be appreciated by all ages and it’s incredibly impactful."

Mirror: "Seeing the outpouring of love for all the incredible people involved in the show proves why we needed something like this all along. It shows just what can be achieved in terms of disability representation when we’re represented at all stages."