Martyna Knitter Cinematographer



Proud member of Illuminatrix


+44 7935086900

I am always open for new exciting collaborations and projects - let me know if you have a story to tell. 


Mahmoud Hamkay
Qatar: +97 466421488
Egypt: +201002214540

Cinematography is for me a way of reaching new way of expression through lighting and camera action. My music videos and commercials were shot all over the world - and I always try to capture the spirit of locations. Great connections with rental houses all over the world, especially in London, allow me to always make sure I get crucial kit for every job.

‚ÄčI recently finished my 5th feature film "Rose" directed by Jennifer Sheridan. The latest short film i DP'd "Annie Waits" is just finishing its festival circuit with over 30 appearances worldwide.  

Originally Polish, after finishing cinematography studies in UK Bournemouth Arts, I am based in London.